Sentimental Piece for Four Actors | Teatro Montownia

Sentimental Piece for Four Actors | Teatro Montownia

Sentimental Piece for Four Actors | Teatro Montownia

Warsaw (Poland) | Teatr Montownia

TEATRO FURIO CAMILLO – Via Camilla 44 – Metro A Furio Camillo
Sabato 5 Giugno 2010 ore 20.30

Teatr Montownia

Varsavia (Polonia)


Sentimental Piece for Four Actors

Piotr Cieplak

Sentimental Piece for Four Actors” it’s stories about four men in a closed, paper-cut space on the stage. The nameless characters present the world of single men – their everyday lives, habits, ups and downs. Although each of them lives a separate life, their ordinary-extraordinary lots cross and get intertwined in a tragicomic final.

We see their everyday routine, as well as their habits and fears which might seem quite silly at times. At a certain point in the life of each of them there comes a breakthrough and a change.

This is a play about the human being, his volatile nature, his weaknesses, habits, his confinement to his own limits, but also about the possibility of overcoming them, about the possibility of change. The change is quite often unintended and takes place by accident.

About Montownia Theatre

Montownia Theatre is an independent professional theatre group established in 1996 and founded by graduates of The Warsaw Theatre Academy – Adam Krawczuk, Marcin Perchuc, Rafal Rutkowski and Maciej Wierzbicki.

Montownia Theatre’s works are recognized for their original and individual form of dynamic; performances are enriched by innovative form of movement attached to the text. The ascetic set mixed with a unique sense of humour inspired by the fusion of 16th Century dell’arte, contemporary Monty Pyton and a polish auto-irony has became their trademark.

After 15 years of creative work Montownia Theatre has became one of the most important and highly commended independent professional theatre groups in Poland. The audience can associate them with Moliere’s “Tricks of Scapin” or the specially written for them contemporary drama “Testosteron”. “The Party” by Mrozek adapted by Montownia Theatre, performed in english, became another theatrical event in the polish theatre history.