Orpheus | The University of Sofia

Orpheus | The University of Sofia

Orpheus | The University of Sofia

Sofia (Bulgaria) | The University of Sofia

TEATRO SALA 1 – Roma P.zza di Porta S. Giovanni 10 – Metro A S. Giovanni
Sabato 12 Giugno 2010 ore 17.00

Theatre-laboratory Alma Alter The University of Sofia

Sofia (Bulgaria)



Nikolay Georgiev

Petya Yosifova

Snezhina Dzhangozova

Boris Krastev
Pavel Kolev
Petya Yosifova
Zornitsa Antonova
Nadezhda Dicheva
Vasya Popova
Felicite Zeuh
Iva Mirtcheva

The human being is the only one who can settle and solve his human problems. In contrast to the plants and animals, man has the chance to be what he has decided to be. His existence is in the sense of his self-establishing. He is given a possibility to leave his own limits. He performs a leap – to the divine, to the cosmos – the one outside his own inside of him – to the world, to himself, to freedom. Thus he overgrows himself, untwining the orb of his possibilities. There’s no human being without a world, there’s no me without the others.

The power of a man as an example for his own development and the development of others. That’s the message. To rise up to the top of your possibilities and with the rope of your experience to give a chance for the others to reach their own peak. Because only those achieved peaks are the way to the eternal striving of a man to the dreamt world, to the upper world, to the world of art – where we, the human beings, are that, what we want to be and can be.