Beautiful People | University of Warsaw

Beautiful People | University of Warsaw

Beautiful People | University of Warsaw

Warsaw (Poland) | University of Warsaw

TEATRO SALA 1 – Roma P.zza di Porta S. Giovanni 10 – Metro A S. Giovanni
Venerdì 11 Giugno 2010 ore 17.00

University of Warsaw

Varsavia (Polonia)


Beautiful People

Igor Gorzkowski

Igor Gorzkowski

Joanna Gawronska

Maja Bieniewska


Antoni Ferency
Jakub Kiersikowski
Patryk Wernio
Agata Dyczko
Katarzyna Joda
Kinga Kosik
Katarzyna Krzyszkowska

The performance cosists of two major parts- in the first one we tell quite a simple story about medicine students who meet in a little house in the coutryside in order to prepare for their last exam. On the course of action as we get to know the characters we notice that each of them has his or her own goal, that is actually very different from learning. The tension that arrises resolves at night when each of students dreams his or her own dream. Those fanastic visions are only partially based on the psychologic analysis of the charater (fears and wishes) and consequently they are only partially explicable. We wanted them to become kind of a breeding-ground for the imagination. Final scene is, again, set in the little house. As the morning comes we see that some guests have already left, the others stayed and these ones ask themselves what really happened and how does it change their life, if it does.