The Special prize Style on stage (Premio stile in scena) awarded from 2003 to 2008 to the costumes of the shows presented at the ROMATEATROFESTIVAL which most reflected originality and attention to the realization details of stage costumes. Special prize Style on stage award is a Costume of Artisan Scene conceived and realized by MONICA RAPONI, founder of the Society Legge 180 and Artistic Consultant of the ROMATEATROFESTIVAL.
Monica Raponi‘s Costumes are exhibited at “Castel Sant’Angelo” in Rome within the important “Rome Film Festival 2006”; at the “Galleria l’Agostiniana” in Rome, “Palazzo Borghese” in Morlupo, “Palazzo Chigi“, “Scuderie Estensi” in Tivoli, “Forte Sangallo” in Nettuno and “Case Grifoni” in Cerveteri.
The Theatrical Tailoring Legge 180 is founded by Monica Raponi within the Theater Company Legge 180. Monica Raponi is Artistic Consultant of the “ROMATEATROFESTIVAL” and annually creates the ‘Special Prize Style on Stage’. Monica Raponi’s costumes have been selected for the “Dress up the Scene” exhibition, a traveling exhibition of period costumes, together with the most important Italian theater and filmmakers.
Monica Raponi designs and packages the Costumes for the show “Confini di Luce” A show staged at the Warsaw Opera House under the direction of Fabio Omodei.

The design and craftsmanship for the historical costumes.  Theater has always been the specificity of Monica Raponi’s tailoring, which gives its packs a particular care in respect of the philological fidelity of details; as well as the enhancement and ennobling of common or ‘modern’ materials and fabrics. The phase dedicated to bibliographic research requires time and attention. This is followed by a careful research of the fabrics that best lend themselves to the sartorial ennobling phase. Finally we move to the processing, cutting and sewing, always respecting the typical techniques of the individual historical periods. That of the Teatro Sartoria Legge 180 by Monica Raponi is purely artisanal and specific work, free from automation mechanisms or digitization of the models. The Teatro Sartoria Legge 180 guarantees the whole workmanship by hand and the quality of its creations, the result of passion and craft culture, which distinguish Italian industriousness and creativity. Unique and unrepeatable pieces, packaged on the interpreter who will dress them, thus acquire an unrepeatable uniqueness. Not therefore ‘stage costumes’ but clothes, personalized creations born to serve the theater and identify with the actor they are destined for.

Theatrical Tailoring Legge 180 signs and creates historical theater costumes for the theater company of the same name such as Tutankhamen, Christopher Columbus 1492, Aladino, Giovanna D’Arco, Inferno (the latter represented at the VIII World Prague Festival 2004, and sponsored by President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, who “expresses appreciation to Law 180 for the artistic and cultural value of the work”). The shows: Tutankhamen (2000/2001) have been designed for the “Confini di Luce” theater trilogy; Cristoforo Colombo 1492 (2002/2005), Giovanna D’arco (2003/2006) . Performances of Historical Prose still represented in Italy and abroad that explore the indefatigable tension of Man towards the imperfect dream of the Divine. The shows were conceived by the Theater Company Legge 180, for the artistic direction of Fabio Omodei.