Dear Sofia,

in these years the Sofia Amendolea Award dedicated to you has always gone to someone who has thrilled us, that made us cry with emotion, which gave us the scene that charge, that force that you demanded. Even Thomas, our sculptor, seems to know you for some time and in the creation of the Award every year seems to be guided by your indications and your teachings; when the day of the festival awards arrives, seeing his sculpture dedicated to you, the choir is unanimous: “it’s right, perfect for the Sofia Amendolea Award ……

But we can not forget that warm August day in 2002, when you decided to move on to a better life, when you decided to leave to our tears the task of softening your absence forever. You have dedicated almost 40 years to the theater as an actress and director alongside the most important and good actors and have dedicated the same time to your students, always intent on stealing all the secrets of the trade …

That’s why that day can not be forgotten … when you’ve decided to close your eyes and cover yourself with that unforgettable blanket of cold wood that has forever wrapped your face …. Precisely for this reason that day can not be forgotten … where were the people, where were the famous actors who owe their fortune to you? we were really few ……

You left in silence without making any noise, as is your usual … .. It was your last show, you moved us without asking applause … because that day the Theater was almost empty. Now it will not be so, you are destined to be disturbed every year, to be named and to be called on stage because you will be the protagonist of a show staged forever, in a theater never more empty … .Every year will be a long applause to call you out of the way and someone, every year, will bring a part of you inside your home or inside your office: not to forget, not to stop dreaming.

Bye Sofia.

Sofia Amendolea graduated in 1972 at the Silvio D ‘Amico Dramatic Art Academy and founded the theater “La Comunità” with Giancarlo Sepe.

Among the many shows directed by Giancarlo Sepe we remember: “Uncle Vanja”, “Ackermann Academy”, “Macbeth”, “The house of Bernarda Alba”, “In Albis”, “Iliade”, “Hermann”.

For the cinema in the leading role in “La Pelle” and “Oltre la porta” with Marcello Mastroianni and Eleonora Giorgi, directed by Liliana Cavani and alongside Mickey Rourke in “Francesco”, always directed by Cavani. In addition, “I’m afraid” directed by Damiano Damiani, “Una Mattina Come Le Altre” directed by Francesco Barilli, “Salvate Mio Figlio” directed by Roberto Malenotti, “Sister Omicidi” directed by Giulio Berruti, “Aquero” directed by Elisabetta Valgiusti , “Favoriti e Vincenti” directed by Salvatore Maria.

Among the special awards we remember the one he had in Saint Vincent and in Paris for the direction of the musical “Una Bustina di Cachet.” Teacher of acting in the major Schools and Academies of Italian Theater, but above all life teacher.


This prize will be awarded to the actor who, thanks to his/her own energy, has excelled for determination and interpretative skills. The prize consists in a work of art made by the artist TOMMASO GARAVINI, a professional Stage Designer, Painter, Sculptor and Illustrator who works successfully in Italy and abroad. His work is focused on in-depth research concerning the tension. Indeed, he aims at transposing feelings, emotions and sensations in anatomies sometimes twisted and ungainly and at other times angel-like and delicate: “Wonderful horrors and horrible wonders”. Lately he has funded the “Mouse’s Syndrome”, a group of artists devoted to planning and building complex game structures for children, from creating settings, to graphics, music and video art. Together with the Mouse’s Syndrome, he has created a ride for children named The Spider & The Wonderful Ride in France, in addition to planning and building an outdoor interactive maze in Bosnia Herzegovina for The Mostar Intercultural Festival. He has also published illustrations of his work in books and magazines and has exhibited his paintings and sculptures in Italy and abroad. At the moment, he is working as an Eco Designer. Not only has he made the Special prize Sofia Amendolea, he has also conceived and given rise to the Golden Gemini Prize for ROMATEATROFESTIVAL.

Albo d’oro

Premio Sofia Amendolea

Elenco degli attori Allievi che hanno ricevuto nel corso del festival il Premio Sofia Amendolea

Special prize Sofia Amendolea 2003

fusion of bronze on steel

Premio Sofia Amendolea 2003 fusione in bronzo su acciaio

Special prize Sofia Amendolea 2005

resin and marble on wood

Premio Sofia Amendolea 2005 resina e marmo su legno

Special Prize Sofia Amendolea 2012


Premio Sofia Amendolea 2012

Special prize Sofia Amendolea 2014

fusion on resin

premio sofia amendolea 2014


Professional designer, always dedicated to painting, sculpture, illustration and design, fields in which he actively practices in Italy and abroad. Oriented towards an in-depth research focused on ‘tension’: the transposition of feelings, sensations, emotions, in anatomies sometimes twisted and ungainly, sometimes angelic and delicate: ‘Splendid horrors and horrible splendors’.

Recently he founded the Topo Syndrome, a group of artists dedicated to the design and construction of complex play structures for children, to the design of sets, graphics, music and video art.

With the Mouse Syndrome in France he designs a children’s carousel named “The Spider – the wonderful carousel”, and in Bosnia Herzegovina at the Mostar Intercultural Festival he conceives and creates an interactive outdoor labyrinth. He has published illustrations on books and magazines and exhibited his paintings and sculptures in Italy and abroad several times. He is currently an eco-sustainable design designer.