The party | Teatr Montowni

The party | Teatr Montowni

The party | Teatr Montowni

Warsaw (Poland) | Teatr Montownia

TEATRO FURIO CAMILLO – Via Camilla 44 – Metro A Furio Camillo
4th June 2010 time 17.00

Teatr Montownia

Warsaw (Poland)


The party

Jarosław Gajewski

The play by Mrożek – similarly to all the works of the author, derives from Polish realities, exquisitely known in Poland – is aiming to generalize problems of all times (…). In “Zabawa” three farm-hands try to spend free time in peculiar way – they create some kind of holidays in their dreams. Unfortunately, they cannot find the announced entertainment and they haven’t got enough inventiveness for creation of such an entertainment by themselves. However, their determination is so strong that two of them decide to sacrifice the third one. They want him to sacrifice his life for the sake of their common idea (entertainment). In this case a funeral will be possible and a funeral banquet – sense of celebration and holiday. Maybe it is not a typical entertainment. But something real will occur at least.