Philopater | Teatras Minimum Vilniaus University

Philopater | Teatras Minimum Vilniaus University

Philopater | Teatras Minimum Vilniaus University

Vilnius (Lithuania) | Università Teatras Minimum Vilniaus

Teatro Studio 1 – Roma Piazza di Porta San Giovanni  10
25th June 2016 h 17.30

Teatras Minimum Vilniaus University



directed by
Rimantas Venckus

Two allegorical figures – Storge – which symbolizes Love, and Philarchia – which symbolizes Power, introduce a story about a time, when the dead King must be replaced with one of his sons. Philarchia claims to be the Queen of the world, whose will and power decides fate. According to her, the one who dares to ignore moral norms will become the King. Storge, on the other hand warns about disaster and misfortune, which awaits if Philarchia achieves her goal.

The older son Telegon is happy about the death of his father and is convinced that the Senators will proclaim him as the new King, as he is the eldest son.

The younger son Philopather is devastated about the death of his father and consoles his brother, while he acts unhappy and sad.

Senators are meeting. They have to decide which, of the two sons, is more suitable for the crown. One of the Senators confesses that the King left a will, by which the sons have to pass a horrible test and this test will help to choose the new King. The first Senator claims that the King’s will is safely locked in a chest. But, Philarchia already has her hands on the chest and the will. She plants the King’s will so Philopather would find it. She wants Philopather to know about the test and how to act as she has already picked him as the new King.

The two brothers are called to the Senators’ meeting, where their fate will be decided. The first Senator announces, that both sons will have to shoot an arrow into the dead body of the King, and whoever hits closest to the heart will become the next King. The sons are appalled by this test, yet the Senators are relentless

Influenced by Philarchia’s arguments, Telegon fulfils the test and shoots the fatal arrow. Despite this, the Senators still proclaim Philopather as the new King. They finally reveal the will of the dead King, where it is written than the next King should be the one who declines to shoot the arrow. But when they open the chest – it’s empty. Philopather has the will in his pocket. With the help of Philarchia, he knew about the test and secretly wanted the throne and power for himself.

Philarchija crowns Philopather as the new King. Telegon blames his father, his brother. Eventually he realizes that he is the one to blame. Philarchia, which caused and forced him to complete the test, condemns him. Storge however, tries to help him. She still believes that faith and honesty is the true meaning of life.