Blind Cat | Department of Theatre University of Alexandria

Blind Cat | Department of Theatre University of Alexandria

Blind Cat | Department of Theatre University of Alexandria

Alexandria (EGYPT) | University of Alexandria – Department of Theatre

Teatro Studio 1 – Roma Piazza di Porta San Giovanni  10
24 th June h. 21.00

University of Alexandria – Department of Theatre

Alexandria – EGYPT


directed by
Ahmed Ezzat Elalfy


Six cats, blind, would like to realize their desires. There are those who would like a doll capable of saying baba and mama, who a piece of bread stuffed with meat, who a book, who a girl dressed in blue … simple dreams, after all. But a big obstacle prevents them from realizing them.

For the children of this society, a life in peace, happy, is a distant dream. Underdevelopment, carelessness, rejection of other opinions can never generate a happy person. Society observes our lives, changes them, sometimes successfully, sometimes fails. And often, even when it wins, we end up destroying what we have conquered. The anxiety of personal success annihilates the rest.

Nobody will listen to us. We have no other choice, to live, than to try to save ourselves.

Cats are blind, blind as young people who can not fight for what they want and prefer to hide in false stories by killing their dreams.

To open your eyes and live, it is necessary to unite and fight, with hope and determination.

And so cats, no longer blind, gather their peers and occupy the streets. It is the beginning of the Egyptian revolution, the revolution of January 2011.

Department of Theatre University of Alexandria’s company:

The Creation Group is an independent, eclectic theater company which by its very nature is dedicated to experimenting with different artistic forms. He has participated in many national and international festivals over the years (Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, France, Russia, Germany), receiving important awards such as the Jury Prize in Morocco for the Best Performance, the one for the best actress in Kuwait, the one for the Best Director in Russia for “Blind Cat”, directed by Ahmed Ezzat.

The Creation Group is linked to the Theater Department of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Alessandria, where all its members have been trained and graduated.