Backwoodsman | Dimitri Theatre School

Backwoodsman | Dimitri Theatre School

Backwoodsman | Dimitri Theatre School

Verscio (Switzerland) | Scuola Teatro Dimitri

TEATRO SALA UNO –Piazza di Porta San Giovanni  10
13 June 2014 time 21.00

Scuola Teatro Dimitri

Verscio – Switzerland



directed by
Samuel  Muller
Ueli Bichsel ( Oeil exterieur)


In a laboratory room surrounded by a surreal atmosphere, doctor Victor is preparing his own biggest social challenge: to educate Backwoodsman, a savage man grown in forests, who, still being in a primitive state, dislikes human habits and prefers animal ones.

Doctor Victor’s purpose is to make Backwoodsman resolve a logical test by using intellect that he still doesn’t know to own.
But outside his cage, the savage man with his irrational instinct, will change the destiny of the experiment, transforming the attempts of the doctor in failures.

Subverting logic, even the simplest daily actions, such as sit, drink, eat or grooming, are going to lose their meaning and even the doctor will call his own intellect into question.

In a more and more unreal space, both of them will be even more isolated, archetypes of the eternal conflict between instinct and intellect, trying to resolve a logical test with an illogical aim.

The tragic destiny of the two men is remaining incomplete, one the missing part of the other one, until the experiment will be completed!