Aber-glaube | Dimitri Theatre School

Aber-glaube | Dimitri Theatre School

Aber-glaube | Dimitri Theatre School

Verscio (Switzerland) | Dimitri Theatre School

Teatro Studio 1 – Roma Piazza di Porta San Giovanni  10
26 giugno h.21:00

Dimitri Theatre School

Verscio –  Switzerland


Mor Dovrat


If seeing is believing, how can we be sure the air is realy there?
If believing is seeing, what do we see when we hear what we believe in?
If we believe in seeing, can we believe in what we see? Or do we only see what we believe in?
What would we believe in if we couldn’t see?


-orall that solid melts into air
In a colorful and playful imaginary sphare a Guru is communicating with the public, trying to bring them with him to the next evolutionary step by letting go of everything they believe in. Once he is as well naked of his belief, what would he choose? Infinity or nihilism?

The piece deals in an ironic way with the paradox of belief systems and the illusion of freedom to choose between different systems.
By presenting a tousled guru-figure that oscillates between chaos and order, I confront the public with the following question: In today’s super market of ideas, how can we choose which belief to buy? And what is the price we have to pay?

‘ABER-GLAUBE -or- all that solid melts into air’ is a melange of different theatrical
influences, combining elements from commedia del’arte, buffoon, object theater,
butoh and performance-art, while interacting with the public and playing in the
liminal zone between the ceremonial and the daily.



Mor Dovrat, 1983, Israel
Born and raised in Israel. After completing two years of mandatory military service in Israel, worked across the USA as a salesperson. In 2007 returned to Israel to study physical theater at ‘Sofy Moskowich Art of Acting School’ in Tel Aviv and graduated in 2010.  2010-2011 – Touring across Israel with the Show ‘Roof’ directed by Avraham-Shalom Levy. Since her graduation, Mor acquired various film acting experiences, including: 2010- working with Oscar winning director, Moshe Mizrahi; 2011- acting in the feature film ‘Road 40 South’; 2011- acting the prize winning short film ‘Adiso’; 2012- acting in the film ‘Giants and Giants’ in Berlin. In 2011 Mor moved to Berlin where she co-directed a documentary film for Al-Jazeera ‘The pain Inside’. 2013-2015 Mor absolved the Master studies in Physical theater at ‘Scuola Teatro Dimitri’ (SUPSI), in Verscio, Switzerland. 2016 Mor directed and wrote a short movie ‘MY FORELOVE’ that premiered in Cannes film festival in France.