Grand Prix Roma Teatro Festival for PROFANUM

August 20, 2014

Grand Prix Award for the best performance for “Profanum” directed and choreographed by our student – Kamil Wawrzuta and our graduates and students at the Roma Teatro Festival. Special thanks to the Dance Theater Department of the State Higher School of Theater L. Solskiego in Krakow for help in the performance of the spectacle, and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the City Office of Bytom for financial support of the trip. We also thank the Efarete Dance Development Foundation and Anna Piotrowska for help in organizing the students’ trip to the festival.


Directed by – Kamil Wawrzuta
Choreography – Kamil Wawrzuta with performers
Performers: Natalia Dinges, Paulina Jóźwicka, Jan Lorys, Krystian Łysoń, Paweł Zaufal
Set design – Anna Wojtecka
Duration: 42 minutes
The premiere took place on November 8, 2013. at the Warsaw Chamber Opera in the cycle “Young Stage”

photo by Jarosław Budzyński


foto di Jarosław Budzyński

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